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Wöhlk Contact Lenses

Quality - Made in Germany

Wöhlk is a German contact lens manufacturer with a long tradition. Heinrich Wöhlk, the founder of the firm who himself suffered from severe ametropia started experimenting on himself in the mid 1930s and developed the first small Plexiglas contact lenses which could be worn for several hours.

Today, after years of innovative developments, the Wöhlk product range comprises a large number of very different types of contact lenses: starting with the classic hard contact lens from Plexiglas, as originally worn by Heinrich Wöhlk himself, succeeded by the rigid gas permeable and the high water content soft lenses, through to monthly replacement lenses, coloured lenses and special lenses.

The Wöhlk product portfolio offers every possible type of contact lens. With its multitude of special surface geometries, Wöhlk has the perfect contact lens for just about every visual defect. All the lenses in our range and the materials which go into their manufacture are produced here on site by us. 

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